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Commercial Kosher Catering
Commercial catering is not considered kosher unless the caterer is licenced and supervised by a recognised kashrut authority.  In Western Australia, KAWA is the only recognised authority.

For a commercially catered function to be kosher: 

  • the caterer must be licensed by KAWA

  • the food must be kosher

  • the food must be prepared in a kosher kitchen (most commercial kitchens can be made kosher)

  • the food must be prepared under special supervision 

  • the prepared food must be served on kosher crockery 

  • the serving of the food must also be supervised

Commercial Production of Kosher Foods
The commercial production of kosher food requires that:

  • all of the production facilities that come in contact with the food are made kosher

  • all of the ingredients are kosher - certificates of the kosher status of ingredients need to be obtained from the suppliers of those ingredients

  • the production process may need to be supervised by a KAWA supervisor 

  • the packaging of the products needs to carry the KAWA logo

The licencing of commercial kosher caterers and kosher food producers in Western Australia is done by The Kashrut Authority of Western Australia (KAWA).  To apply for a Kashrut license please email

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