Kosher in Perth
This is intended as a guide to help make finding kosher products in Perth easier

Fruit & Vegetables

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables can be purchased anywhere you must howver ensure that they are free of infestation by doing a visual check and where neccessay soaking in salty or soapy water with a rinse and visual inspection after
Woolworths & Coles bags of cut up leafy vegetables may be used as long as leafy vegetables are the only ingredient.
Frozen Fruit & Vegetables May be used with the exception of those known to be subject to infestation these include; Asparagus,Artichokes,Brussel Sprouts,Dill,Eggplant & Parsley


All fish purchased must have scales and fins to be considered kosher. In general as long as the scales are sighted this is sufficient, as all fish with scales also have fins.
The exception to this rule is salmon, which because of its unique & distinctive colour can be identified and purchased without the skin on.
A list of Australian Fish and their kosher status can be found in the kosher guide on pages 103-106
Kosher fish can be purchased from any source it is however the customers responsibility to ensure the fish they selected is the one that is processed.The fish should be rinsed in cold water before cooking at home.
Minced Fish or any processed fish must be supervised as the origin of the fish cannot be determined after the skin has been removed.
There are supervised runs of minced & filleted fish at Rosh HaShana & Pesach
There are three fish shops in Perth that maintain a Kosher knife and cutting board these are:
Wild Sea Australian Seafood- Dianella Plaza
Festival Fish- North Perth Plaza Shopping Centre- Fitzgerald Street- North Perth
Phone: 9228 1109
John’s Fresh Fish Mart- 26 Mirrabooka Square Shopping Centre- Yirrigan Drive Mirrabooka- Phone: 9349 5326


Chalav Israel
All Chalav products available can be purchased from The Kosher Food Centre,Bagels&Beyond,Simbucks.These are from Tempo and include Yoghurt,Cheese’s,Butter and Milk, both fresh and long life.There is in addition a local bulk supply of milk every 6-7 weeks please contact us if you are interested
Azzura products can be found in most IGA,Foodland&Independent stores as well as the kosher outlets.They include:
Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream ,Reduced Sugar Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream
Swiss Chocolate Ice-cream,Cointreau Ice Cream,Smooth Hazelnut Gelato
Passionfruit Gelato,Rum & Raisin

Mango Sorbet,Lemon Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet,Blueberry Sorbet
Baskin Robbins
Most of Baskin Robbins Ice Cream & Sorbet’s are manufactured kosher.Please ensure the scoop is clean when your order is being dispensed.A full list of products certified is available Here Please note the Sorbets are rated as “Dairy Equipment” and as such cannot be eaten with meat but may be eaten before or after meat with no waiting period.
Brownes products are found almost everywhere. The following are kosher-
All Dairy:
Milk-All unflavoured varieties-Whipping Cream
Sour Cream (Lite),Sour Cream with Parsley and Garlic
Capel Dairy
Capels Milk and Butter are kosher. The butter was Kosher for Pesach last year.Available in IGA,Foodland & Independent food stores.
Mundella has a large range of Dairy products that are kosher and they are available in most food stores.Their products are:
All Dairy
Premium Natural Yoghourt,Premium Woodland Fruits Yoghourt
Reduced Fat Natural Yoghourt,Reduced Fat Vanilla Yoghourt
Reduced Fat Mango Yoghourt,99.7% Fat Free Natural Yoghourt
Ricotta,Cottage Cheese,Greek Style Plain Yoghourt
Greek Style Honey Yoghourt,Greek Style Vanilla Yoghourt
Greek with a Twist Wildberry Yoghourt, Greek with a Twist Passionfruit Yoghourt
Probiotic Bounce Vanilla drink, Probiotic Bounce Mango Drink
Probiotic Strawberry Drink
A full list of all kosher dairy products can be found in the Australian Kosher Food Bulletin and products certified by the NSWKA in Sydney can be found online at


A full list of all Kosher Alchohol can be found in the Australian Kosher Food Bulletin pages 31-44 and a product list from the London Beth Din can be found online at the Website of the NSWKA in Sydney

General Notes
All unflavoured Beer is acceptable and Parve as long as it is not a Product of New Zealand which are Dairy (unless produced by Lion Breweries which is Parve)
All Wine,Brandy,Cognac, port or any product containing Grape MUST have Kosher Certification and in general the hechser/Logo of the certifying Authority will appear on the product.
Unflavoured Grain based liquor,Unflavoured Vodka & Scotch Whiskey(without grape additives are acceptable. Bacardi,Bourban,Gin (not Sloe),Rum (not from The USA)are acceptable  

Retail Outlets

The Following have stocks of Kosher wine as well as other products listed in the Guide:

La Vigna Liquor
302 Walcott Street
Mt Lawley
Ph: 9271.1179

The Beer Store
CNR Noranda Ave
Wellington Road

Liquor Barons
654 Beaufort Steet
Mt Lawley